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 A Short Bible Prophecy Lesson To Help Show How Close We Are ...


  + Israel back in the Land as a nation   (this started the clock ticking ...)

  + Iran and allies threatening war against Israel

  + Russia rising ... and acting as a 'guard' for Iran

  + China armed with weapons capable of quickly destroying 1/3 of mankind

  + Nations of the ancient Roman Empire (Europe?) reuniting and rising in power

  + Teachings of false 'Prophets' leading many

  + A Generation 'morally corrupt' and 'filled with violence'  

     (The Bible uses the word 'corrupt' -  like smelly, rotting meat)

  + 'The falling away'... churches and synagogues no longer teaching or enduring sound doctrine

  + Israel and Jerusalem . . . trouble, troubles, and more trouble 

  + All nations turning against nation Israel . . .                 

  = The Generation of the ... Rapture ... the 'Apocalypse' ... Armageddon ... and Messiah's Return.


For the first time in history this prophetic 'equation' is nearly complete . . . and all in this generation!!! 



That Tiny Red 'Dot' is Israel ... God warns, 'Israel is His'...'Allah' and his vast armies (green) keep trying to prove Him wrong

The 'God of Israel' and the Bible . . .  or . . . 'Allah' and the Koran . . . The Bible Warns One Is True . . .  and One Is False

The coming Battle of Armageddon ('Hill of Megiddo')  . . .  Armageddon lies right in the center of that tiny Red 'Dot'

"I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you". . .  (Genesis 12:3)


God's Promise  ...

--Alpha News Daily     (God's Promise ...) 


Finding Hope and Comfort  In Times of Trouble ...

--Alpha News Daily     (Finding Hope and Comfort in Times of Trouble ...)


The ASSURANCE of Life In Heaven ... It's NOT Too Late!!! 

--Alpha News Daily    (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!)


Following Christ (Messiah) ... Turn Away From Those Sinful Things "The World" Loves and Craves ... (Audio-Video)

--Focal Point Radio/Compass Bible Church      (Bible prophecies:  Prophetic description of the Generation of Armageddon)


Messiah (Christ) Will Return When We Least Expect It ... His Imminent Return Should Change Our Lives - (Audio)

--Focal Point Radio/Compass Bible Church      (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... Jew and Gentile ... please don't be "left behind")  


Helpful Bible Studies ... (Audio - Video) 

--Alpha News Daily    (Helpful Bible Studies ... Audio - Video)


Bible Prophecies Page ... List Of Bible Prophecies (With Links)

--Alpha News Daily       (Bible Prophecies Page ...  List of Bible Prophecy Studies)


God's Word ... Our Daily Bread ... Reading Through The Bible In 2011 ... Daily List and Index  

--Alpha News Daily     (Daily Bible Verses ... Daily List and Index)


This Week's News Headlines . . .

(In times of trouble ... Trust in the Lord, draw near to Him, earnestly pray for His guidance and direction, and seek His Will in your life.) 


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The Bible warns of a day when it will be very difficult to find teachers who will faithfully teach God's Word in the Bible ...


   "BEHOLD, the days are coming," says the Lord GOD,

     That I will send a FAMINE on the land,

     NOT a famine of bread,

     NOR a thirst for water,

     But of HEARING the words of the LORD."

     (Amos 8:11)     


Foxe's Book Of Martyrs ... Detailed History Of Christians' Faith During Torture and Death ... Lest We Forget

--AND   (Read Here FREE ... Foxe's Book Of Martyrs ... Chapter by Chapter ... Martyr by Martyr ... Caesars and Popes could not silence the Word of God)


Twenty-Four Christians Killed During Series Of Attacks In Nigeria ...

--CDN      (ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... Allah vs. The Word of God)      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)      (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated) 


Rising Islamic Leader In Egypt Says Christians May Need To Be "Eliminated" To Advance Sharia Law ...

--WND     (ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... Allah vs. The Word of God)      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)      (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated) 


Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (Obama-Backed) Calls Islamics To Murder Israelis ...

--Israel Nat'l News         (Prophecies ... ISRAEL)        (Bible Prophecies:  EGYPT)     


From Israel:  The Perils Of A Re-Militarized Sinai ...

--Jerusalem Post/Caroline Glick       (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)      (Prophecies ... ISRAEL)        (Bible Prophecies:  EGYPT)


At Least Three Egyptians Involved In Deadly Attack Against Israel Last Week ...

--Ynet  (Israel)        (Prophecies ... ISRAEL)        (Bible Prophecies:  EGYPT)        (Prophecies:  The Bible links GAZA to the "APOCALYPSE")


Israeli Defense Warns Egyptian Frontier Is Going On Peak Alert ... No Longer A Border Of Peace

--Debkafile        (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)      (Prophecies ... ISRAEL)        (Bible Prophecies:  EGYPT)


Iran Leader Ahmadinejad Warns Iran Is Determined To Eradicate Israel ...

--Drudge/Ha'aretz     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will attack and invade Israel)      The time draws near ... the Bible warns Iran (Persia), with Russia ('Magog'), and a coalition of allies (including Turkey and Sudan) will attack and will invade Israel.  In Ezekiel 38-39 the Bible warns this coming war between Iran (Persia) and Israel will take place sometime after Israel has been re-gathered into Her land as a nation (which was fulfilled on May 14, 1948) ... this prophetic war has never yet taken place ... the only time in history Persia (Iran) has ever gone to war against Israel was to help Israel throw off the yoke of the Byzantine Empire around 614 AD.  The Bible warns the US will NOT defend Israel.  According to the Bible, Israel must stand alone ... with God.  For when this coming war does finally start, the United States (for reasons yet unknown) will be unable or unwilling to help Israel defend herself.  Although the Bible warns the invading armies will be ultimately destroyed by God, it will be a devastating war for both Israel and the whole world.  Bible scholars are divided as to whether this coming war is part of the prophetic battle of Armageddon or will just precede the battle of Armageddon in order to prepare the path for the coming Antichrist (a coming 'world leader' who will enforce a 'peace plan' upon Israel).  All people of the world should be sitting on the edge of their seats with white knuckles watching this terrible prophecy slowly start to unfold ... while those who call themselves Christians (followers ... both Jew and Gentile ... of Jesus (Yeshua), the promised Messiah) are told to "examine" themselves in the Word and in faith to insure they are not just 'almost' Christians (Matthew 7:21-23) who are "lukewarm" in their faith in Jesus (Yeshua) and God's Word (Revelation 3:14-16) ... for Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah warns all to, "Watch, therefore, and pray always (not just sometimes), that you will be counted worthy (through His worthiness) to escape all these things (the terrible events of the coming 'Apocalypse') that will come to pass" ... (Luke 21:36) ... for the Bible promises believing Christians (faithful and sincere believers in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) who are alive at that time and have endured in their faith in God's Word are not "appointed" to this coming time of "God's wrath" that will be "poured out" upon the whole world ... (1 Thessalonians  1:10 ... 1 Thessalonians 5:9-11)


Iran's Army Says Now Is The Time To Free Jerusalem ("Holy Quds") ...

--WND     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)       (Prophecies ... ISRAEL and JERUSALEM) 


North Korea Supplied Iran With Software To Help Build Nuclear Weapons ...

--Ynet       (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)         (Prophecies:  The coming "Apocalypse"  and Armageddon) 


Russian Leader Medvedev Hosts North Korean Leader In Siberia For "Secrecy-Shrouded" Talks ...

--AFP       (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)       (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


Russian Leader Medvedev Meets With North Korean Leader Kim Jong-il At Military Garrison In Russia ...

--Russia News Agency          (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)   


Iran Stirs Up New Conflict ... Iran-Backed Forces In Iraq Fire Scud Missiles At Kuwait

--Debkafile      (Bible Prophecies:  IRAQ -  (Babylon)         (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran,  Turkey, and allies will invade Israel)     


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God expects Bible teachers to TEACH Bible prophecy, and God expects His people to LEARN the Bible prophecies ....


   "WATCH therefore,

     and pray ALWAYS

     that you may be

     counted worthy to escape

     all these things

     that will come to pass . . ."    (The Antichrist)      (The coming 'Apocalypse' and Armageddon) 

     (Luke 21:36)    (In most churches today people have not been adequately taught what to "watch" for ...)


   "When you SEE these things happening,

     KNOW that it (the 'Apocalypse') is near  -- at the doors!

     Assuredly, I say to you,

     this generation will by no means pass away

     till ALL these things take place."     (The "Rapture")      (The Antichrist)      (The coming 'Apocalypse' and Armageddon)       (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)

     (Mark 13:29)      (It is important to learn those things that happen AFTER the Rapture ... BECAUSE they will happen AFTER the Rapture)


   "Go your way, Daniel,

     for the words are closed up and sealed

     UNTIL the time of the end ...

     None of the wicked shall understand,

     but the wise SHALL understand."

     (Daniel 12:9-10)      (Bible Warnings:   The coming 'Apocalypse' ... "The Day of God's Wrath"... We Will Know When We Are Close)


Somalia Famine Set To Spread To Two New Areas ...

--AFP  (France)        (Prophecies ... FAMINES)   


     "And there will be great earthquakes in various places,  

       and famines and pestilences (deadly diseases);

       and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven."

       (Luke 21:11)        (Bible Prophecies:  "Fearful sights" and "Great signs" from heaven ... around the time of the coming "Apocalypse") 


At this point in time, we do not know what the "fearful sights" and "great signs" might be ...


World "Cholera Pandemic" Traced To Bangladesh ...

--AFP  (France)        (Prophecies:  Deadly diseases ... "PESTILENCES"... spreading )


Six-Year-Old Is The Eighth Person To Die Of "Bird Flu" (H5N1) In Cambodia This Year ...

--AFP  (France)        (Prophecies:  Deadly diseases ... "PESTILENCES"... spreading )


Scientists Testing New Way To Control The Spread Of "Dengue Fever"...

--AFP  (France)        (Prophecies:  Deadly diseases ... "PESTILENCES"... spreading )


Powerful 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Peru ...

--AFP  (France)         (Prophecies:  "And there will be EARTHQUAKES in diverse places"...)  


5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Washington DC and New York City ...

--Drudge/AP        (Prophecies:  "And there will be EARTHQUAKES in diverse places"...)  


Large 5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Also Strikes Colorado ...

--Fox News        (Prophecies:  "And there will be EARTHQUAKES in diverse places"...)    (This prophecy is remarkable because it had to look far into the future and into the day (and generation) when there would be worldwide communications technology capable of reporting these worldwide earthquakes as they happen ... )


College Adds Sexual Orientation To Application ..."Incentives" For Homosexuals and Lesbians

--Drudge/NBC    (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality)     (Bible prophecies:  The GENERATION of Armageddon ..."LAWLESSNESS"... Morally "CORRUPT")


NY Mayor Bloomberg Bans Religion And Prayer From Upcoming 9/11 "Memorial" Ceremony ...

--NewsMax      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)     (The Bible warns of a coming government controlled One-World religious system ...)


In the Bible we find GOD will raise up evil nations against those He has blessed who have turned against Him and His Word ...


China Is Expanding Its Nuclear Forces With New Advanced Multi-Warhead Powerful Mobile Missiles ...

--Drudge/Washington Times      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)      (Prophecies:  The "Apocalypse"  and Armageddon)   


Pentagon Report Warns China Military Is Closing The Gap ...

--Drudge/Washington Times       (Prophecies:  CHINA and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)     (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)     


Iran Unveils New Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Designed To "Cripple" Enemies ...

--NewsMax        (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel) 


Barack Hussein Obama ... AKA "Barry Soetoro" and "Harrison J. Bounel" (Being Scrubbed From Databases)

--WND        (Prophecies:  "In the last days"..."DECEIVING (LYING) and BEING deceived"..."Evil men (and women) will wax worse and worse") 


Photo:  free-stockphotos.com

The Bible warns there will be scoffers "in the last days" saying "where is the promise of His coming".... .


   "KNOWING this first:

     that scoffers will come in the last days,

     walking according to their own lusts, and saying,

   "Where is the promise of His coming?

     For since the fathers fell asleep,

     all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation."  

     For this they willfully forget:

     that by the Word of God the heavens were of old,

     and the Earth standing out of water and in the water,  

     by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water.  

     But the heavens and the Earth which are now preserved by the same Word,

     are reserved for fire until the Day of Judgment and perdition of ungodly men.  

     But, beloved, do not forget this one thing,

     that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years,

     and a thousand years as one day.  

     The Lord is not slack concerning His promise,

     as some count slackness,

     but is longsuffering toward us,

     not willing that ANY should perish

     but that all should come to repentance.  

     But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night,

     in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise,

     and the elements will melt with fervent heat;

     both the Earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.  

     Therefore, since all these things will be dissolved,

     what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness,  

     looking for and hastening the coming of the Day of God,

     because of which the heavens will be dissolved, being on fire,

     and the elements will melt with fervent heat?  

     Nevertheless we, according to His promise,

     look for new heavens and a new Earth in which righteousness dwells.  

     Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things,

     be diligent to be found by Him in peace, without spot and blameless"     (Bible Warnings:   The coming 'Apocalypse' ... We Will Know When We Are Close)


From Israel:  Glenn Beck’s Revealing Visit ...

--Jerusalem Post/Caroline Glick   "I (God) will BLESS those who bless you (Israel) and will CURSE those who curse you"  (Genesis 12:3)


Pro-Al Qaeda Brigades Control Qaddafi Tripoli Strongholds Seized By Rebels In Libya ...

--Debkafile        (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, LIBYA, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel) 


Libyan "Rebels" (Obama-Backed) Won't Deport Lockerbie Bomber ...

--Drudge/WSJ          (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)


British, French, Jordanian, Qatari Special Forces Batter Qaddafi's Compound ... The War Is Not Over

--Debkafile        (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, LIBYA, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)   


Hunt For Qaddafi Begins as Compound Falls to Libyan Rebels ...

--Ynet          (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, LIBYA, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)   


Report:  Libyan Rebels' Draft Constitution Holds Islamic Sharia Law As "Principal Source"...

--Drudge/Heritage     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, LIBYA, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)     (Then let Islamics fight for Libya ...)


53 Killed In Brutal Attack On Mexico Casino After Gunmen Spread Gasoline And Ignited A Fire ...

--Drudge/AP      (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)      (Prophecies:  The US will be "neutralized" ... then Russia and allies will invade Israel)     (The Ayatollah's forces used the same tactic while spreading fear ("terror") to gain power and control over the people in Iran ... his gunmen ("terrorists") would ignite gasoline in a crowded theater and then bar the doors to trap those inside.  With Iran (and now with Egypt and Mexico), the U.S. (then also under a Democrat Party President - Jimmy Carter) stood by, watched, and did nothing as a once close ally quickly tipped and sunk into the dark abyss of Islamic (and Russian) control.   If you carefully study your "cold" war history you will find Mexico (with South America) has long been a high-priority for Soviet-Russian war strategists ... and Russia is now effectively using Iran along with flagless Islamic "terrorists" around the world as their rabid attack dogs to attack, weaken, and then devour nations.)


Paletinian Terror Attack In Tel Aviv Injures Seven ...

--Debkafile         (Prophecies ... ISRAEL)


Gaza Terrorists Fire Missile Into Egypt ...

--DavidHocking.org         (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)       (This story has a little of the "Man Bites Dog" feel to it ...)


Gaza Rocket Fire "Blooper" Injures Woman In Egypt ...

--Israel Nat'l News        (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)   


World's Oldest Person to Mark 115th Birthday in Georgia ...

--Fox News    


In Genesis God said He would reduce the UPPER age limit for Man to 120 years ...


   "And the LORD said,

   "My Spirit shall not strive with Man forever,

     for he is indeed flesh;

     yet his days shall be 120 years."

     (Genesis  6:3)


In Psalm 90 God reveals the AVERAGE age will be 70 - 80 years around the time of the coming "Apocalypse"...


   "The days of our lives are SEVENTY years;

     And if by reason of strength they are eighty years . . .

     who knows the power of Your ANGER?"     (Prophecies:  The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "The Day of God's Wrath")

     (Psalm 90:10,11)         (The average life span in the world is now reported at 69 years ... to 80 years in Israel.)



Note:  Many people today do not know whether or not they (or their loved ones) will go to Heaven.  Many have not been adequately (or honestly) taught what the Bible actually says and teaches ...


   "For God so loved the world

     that He GAVE His only begotten Son,

     that whoever BELIEVES (trusts) in Him      (to trust in Jesus alone to save us from our sins and from Hell)

     should NOT perish (in Hell)

     but have everlasting life (in Heaven).

     For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

     but that the world through Him might be saved (into Heaven).

     He who believes in Him is not condemned (to Hell);

     but he who does NOT believe (in Jesus Christ ... Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew)

     IS condemned (to Hell) ALREADY"    (There will be no second chance for any who ignore or mock what God did for us on the Cross.)

     (John 3:16-18)       (Jesus greatly LOVED us to save us from Hell ... all God asks is that we love Him for all He has done for us.)


   "For by GRACE you have been saved (from your sins and from Hell)

     through FAITH (in Jesus Christ),

     and that not of yourselves;

     it is the GIFT of God,   ("Grace" is getting something we don’t deserve…we can't earn this gift of life in Heaven)

     NOT of works,   (we cannot enter Heaven through any “good deeds” we have done ... or think we have done.)

     lest ANYONE should boast."   (We are told it’s a gift from God … we just have to thankfully (and lovingly) receive it.)

     (Ephesians 2:8)       (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!)       (Prophecies ... The coming "Rapture") 


For the ASSURANCE of Life in Heaven (and of having ALL of your sin and guilt completely removed) . . . A.C.T. NOW!!! 


-  Acknowledge you are a sinner ... and have sinned against God's Law

-  Confess your sins to God

-  Trust (believe) completely in Jesus Christ  (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) ...

     -  He (lovingly and willingly) died for all of your sins on the Cross ... and His innocent blood washes away ALL our sins

     -  He was buried ... 

     -  He was raised (Resurrected) from the dead the third day ... and now waits to see if you are "with" Him or "against" Him

-  Turn back to God ... and turn away from sinful activities ("repent") ... He will welcome you with tears of joy.


If you do these things … sincerely and in faith … the Bible promises you can have the complete assurance of eternal life in Heaven.  The Bible tells us Jesus (Yeshua) did all the work for you when He bore all of your sins and died on the Cross ... and was buried ... and was raised (resurrected) from the dead (as "firstfruits" of the coming Resurrection) through the awesome power of God.  The Bible says you can’t add anything to it!!!  When you believe and trust in (and love) Jesus Christ as your "Savior" (who lovingly saves you from your sins and from Hell) ... and then turn away from your sinful ways and turn back to God ("repent"), you can have the complete peace and assurance in your heart that when you die, you will enter into His Kingdom of Heaven ... forever and ever it’s God’s Promise!!! 


The ONLY thing God asks a NON-believer to do is to "believe"... Jesus (God) did ALL the work ... life in Heaven is offered as a GIFT!!! 



Grace and Shalom




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