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This weekly news update is being sent because the Bible tells us to know the prophecies and to "watch" for their fulfillment (which can only be done by learning and knowing what is going on around the world) ... yet, many churches and synagogues today ignore and deny Bible prophecy (which in itself is a major fulfillment of Bible prophecy) ...


 Now, a short Bible prophecy lesson to help show how close we are ...


  + Israel back in the Land as a nation   (this started the clock ticking ...)

  + Iran and allies threatening war against Israel

  + Russia rising ... and acting as a 'guard' for Iran

  + China armed with weapons capable of quickly destroying 1/3 of mankind

  + Nations of the ancient Roman Empire (Europe?) reuniting and rising in power

  + Teachings of false 'Prophets' leading many

  + A Generation 'morally corrupt' and 'filled with violence'  

     (The Bible uses the word 'corrupt' -  like smelly, rotting meat)

  + 'The falling away'... churches and synagogues no longer teaching or enduring sound doctrine

  + Israel and Jerusalem . . . trouble, troubles, and more trouble 

  + All nations turning against nation Israel . . .                 

  = The Generation of the ... Rapture ... the 'Apocalypse' ... Armageddon ... and Messiah's Return.


For the first time in history this prophetic 'equation' is nearly complete . . . and all in this generation!!! 



That Tiny Red 'Dot' is Israel ... God warns, 'Israel is His'...'Allah' and his vast armies (green) keep trying to prove Him wrong

The 'God of Israel' and the Bible . . .  or . . . 'Allah' and the Koran . . . The Bible Warns One Is True . . .  and One Is False

The coming Battle of Armageddon ('Hill of Megiddo')  . . .  Armageddon lies right in the center of that tiny Red 'Dot'

"I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you". . .  (Genesis 12:3)



Grappling With God's Choices ... His Work In Sharing The "Good News"... (Audio or Video)

--Focal Point Radio/Compass Bible Church      (God's Promise ...)      (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!)


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When Life Is Tough ... (Part 1) ... (Audio or Video)

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The Message Of Messiah and Salvation We ALL Need To Hear ... (Audio or Video)

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Four Biblical Reasons WHY You ... Or Your Family ... Or Your Friends ... Don't Understand It ... (Audio or Video)

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God's Promise ...

--Alpha News Daily     (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... Jew and Gentile ... please don't be "left behind")   


This Week's News Headlines . . .

(In times of trouble ... Trust in the Lord, draw near to Him, earnestly pray for His guidance and direction, and seek His Will in your life.) 


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In Psalm 1 God opens with a clear and present warning concerning Heaven and Hell ...

Then immediately following in Psalm 2 God introduces and prepares the world for HIS "SON" (The Messiah!!!) . . .


   "The kings of the Earth set themselves,  

     And the rulers take counsel together,

     against the LORD        (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "the Day of (God's) Wrath") 

     AND against His Messiah (Anointed,)       (Prophecies ... Messiah (Christ) and Christians will be hated) 

     saying, "Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us."  

     He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;

     The LORD shall hold them in derision.  

     Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,      (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "the Day of (God's) Wrath")

     And distress them in His deep displeasure:  

   "Yet I have set My King On My holy hill of Zion (Jerusalem)."         (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)

   "I will declare the decree:

     The LORD (God) has said to Me  (the "Anointed" One - Messiah),

    'You are MY SON,

     Today I have BEGOTTEN You.     (Prophecies of Messiah from the ancient Jewish Scriptures ...)  

     Ask of Me,

     and I will give You (Messiah) the Gentiles (nations) for Your inheritance,  

     And the ends of the Earth for Your possession.   (As "a Light unto the Gentiles"... Thank You, Lord!!!)

     You shall break them with a rod of iron;

     You shall dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.' "     (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)

     Now therefore, be wise, O kings;

     Be instructed, you judges of the Earth.  

     Serve the LORD with fear,

     And rejoice with trembling.  

     Kiss the SON, lest He be angry

     and you perish in THE WAY,

     When His wrath is kindled but a little.

     Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him."     (God's Promise ...)

     (Psalm 2:2-12)


    Jesus (Yeshua) said to him,

   "I am THE WAY,

     the Truth and the Life. 

     NO ONE comes to the FATHER  (into Heaven)

     except through ME."  (The "Son"...)

     (John 14:6) 


   "For unto us a Child is born,

     unto us a SON is given,

     and HIS Name will be called Mighty God,

     Everlasting Father,

     Prince of Peace."  

     (Isaiah 9:6)


   "For God so loved the world   

     that He gave His only BEGOTTEN Son,

     that whoever believes in Him should NOT perish (in Hell)

     but have everlasting life (in Heaven)."

     (John 3:16)  


Pastor Fired As North Carolina State House of Representatives Chaplain Because He Prayed In "Jesus'" Name ...

--Fox News     (Prophecies ... Believing Christians will be hated)     (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)     (If we want to survive as a free nation we need to stop electing Godless politicians to rule over us ... study the Bible ... God will punish a people for the evil leaders they choose to follow.)


Illinois Professor Teaching Catholicism Fired For E-Mail Saying Homosexuality Is Immoral ..."Hate Speech"

--Fox News  (God's  Law:  Homosexuality ... includes a warning to those who simply "approve" of those who do such things)   


Public Schools In Montana Considering Graphic New Sex Curriculum For K - 12 Grades ...

--WND/KHLH-TV     (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon')     From the article:  "The section titled "Human Sexuality" is drawing the most concern.  It lays out sex education topics for each grade, K through 12.  In the first grade, children would be taught that human beings can love people of the same gender; in second grade, kids are taught not to make fun of people by calling them "gay" or "queer."   By fifth grade, they are taught there are several types of intercourse, and by the sixth grade, the draft document states that students should, "Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to ... "  (This section for teaching 11-year-olds describes and suggests a variety of body parts and objects which might be used and is too graphic to print here.  Our schools are in the process of teaching (programming ... indoctrinating) young children to disregard, oppose, and even despise the moral and Biblical upbringing of their parents and churches.)

   "Then Jesus (Yeshua) called a little child to him ...

     Whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in Me to sin,

     it would be better for him (or her) if a millstone were hung around his neck

     and he were drowned in the depths of the sea.

     Woe to the world because of offenses, for offenses must come,

     but, woe to that man (or woman) by whom the offense comes!"

     (Matthew 18:2,3-7)    ("Woe" is a terrible, terrible, terrible curse ... in either this life or the next.)


   "For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven

     against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men . . .

     For even their women exchanged the natural use

     for what is against nature (lesbianism).

     Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman,

     burning in their lust for one another,

     men with men committing what is shameful (homosexuality) . . .

     that those who practice these things are worthy of death (Hell),

     and not only those who do the same

     but also (all those) who APPROVE of those who practice them!"

     (Romans 1:18, 26, 27, 32)      (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!) 

     (Note:  Other offenses were also included which were not listed here.)


Here, God clearly warns all those who simply tolerate or "approve of " these things will be held just as guilty as those who actually do them.


Presbyterian Leaders Approve New Policy Allowing Practicing Homosexuals As Clergy ...

--NewsMax       (Prophecies: "The falling away"... Churches and leaders will "depart from the faith" ... "will no longer endure sound doctrine")


Presbyterians Urge US Government To Stop Aid To Israel ... Don't Like Jewish Settlements In Judea and Samaria

--WND/Ha'aretz       "I (God) will BLESS those who bless you (Israel) and will CURSE those who curse you"  (Genesis 12:3)   


Calling yourself a "Presbyterian" or a "Catholic" or a "Methodist" or a "Lutheran", etc., etc., will NOT save anybody ... the Bible warns God looks into each persons heart to see if we sincerely love and believe and trust in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus Christ ... and if we believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our Lord it means we must lovingly submit to Him and submit to God's Word (not because we have to but because we want to) ... for "The Word of God" is one of His (Jesus Christ's - Messiah's) names and titles in the Bible (John 1:1 ... Revelation 19:13.)  If you or your church opposes or mocks Israel's right to that little Land which God promised to them in the Bible, then you and your church are opposing and mocking God's Word ...   (A remarkable MATHEMATICAL Prophecy ... ISRAEL Back As A Nation in 1948!!!)    (Prophecies ... Israel AFTER becoming a nation in 1948)     (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)


   "Not everyone who says to Me (Jesus), 'Lord, Lord,'     (calling themselves 'Christian')
    shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven ...
    Many ('most' or 'majority') will say to Me in that Day (of Judgment),
    'Lord, Lord, have we not taught (prophesied) in Your Name,
    cast out demons in Your Name,
    and done many wonders in Your Name?'
    And then (at the judgment), I (Jesus) will declare to them
    'I never knew you
    Depart from Me   (departing from Heaven and into Hell)
    you who practice LAWLESSNESS'"    (Those who willfully and willingly reject God's Word and ignore God's Law ...)
    (Matthew 7:21-23)    
  (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!) 


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One of the names given Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) in the Bible is "The Word of God"...

Beware of those churches (and synagogues) whose "reverends", ministers, rabbis, bishops, or priests now deny,

twist, reject, or ignore "the Word of God" (the Bible) on clear Biblical doctrines such as homosexuality, abortion,

God's everlasting covenants with Israel, or the Deity, virgin birth, sacrificial death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ . . .


     "In the beginning was THE WORD . . .

       and the Word was with God,

       and the Word WAS GOD.


       and dwelt among us,

       and we beheld His glory,

       the glory as of the ONLY BEGOTTEN

       of the Father . . .

       full of grace and truth.

       He was in the world,

       the world was made through Him,

       and the world did not know Him.

       He came to His own,

       and His own did not receive Him . . .

       (Excerpted from the Book of John 1:1-14)         (Finding Hope and Comfort in Times of Trouble ...)      (God's Promise ...) 


     "Now I saw Heaven opened, and behold, a white horse.

       And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True,

       and in righteousness He judges and makes war.

       His eyes were like a flame of fire,

       and on His head were many crowns.

       He had a name written that no one knew except Himself.

       He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood,

       and HIS NAME is called THE WORD OF GOD.

       And the armies in Heaven, clothed in fine linen,

       white and clean, followed Him on white horses.

       Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword,

       that with it He should strike the nations.

       And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron.

       He Himself treads the winepress of the fierceness

       and wrath of Almighty God.

       And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:


       (Revelation 19:11-16)


     "For I    (Jesus ... Yeshua)

       testify to everyone who hears

       the words of the prophecy of this book:

       If anyone ADDS to these things,

       God will add to him (or her)

       the plagues that are written in this Book;

       and if anyone TAKES AWAY from the words

       of the Book of this prophecy,

       God shall take away his part from the Book of Life,

       from the Holy city (Heaven),

       and from the things which are written in this Book."

       (Revelation 22:18-19)


Top Negotiator Calls Jerusalem a "Time Bomb"...

--Israel Nat'l News       (Prophecies ... Israel and Jerusalem (and Gaza) AFTER becoming a nation in 1948)  


   "Behold, I (God) will make Jerusalem

     a cup of trembling (anger, fear)

     unto all the people (nations) round about . . ." 

     (Zechariah 12:2 KJV)


   "And in that Day   (the "Day of the Lord" ... the coming "Apocalypse")

     I (God) will make Jerusalem

     a burdensome stone for ALL people" 



Don’t miss this . . . God says He is the One stirring things up in Israel and Jerusalem!!!


Iran's Hizbullah Advances 20,000 Troops To Israeli Northern Border ... Violating UN Resolution

--Debkafile     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)     (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... don't be "left behind")


Israel Declassifies Evidence Showing Around 20,000 Iranian Hizbullah Guerilla Fighters In Southern Lebanon ...

--Jerusalem Post     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)  


Israel Defense Identifies Iranian Military Officer In Charge of Hizbullah Operations In Lebanon ...

--Jerusalem Post     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


Hectic Preparations For Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad's "Historic" Visit To Lebanon ...

--Debkafile     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)     (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... don't be "left behind")


Iranian Hizbullah Says It Has A List Of Targets To Hit In Israel ...

--Ynet News  (Israel)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


From Israel:  A War With Iran ... On Whose Terms?

--Jerusalem Post/Caroline Glick    (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel) 


Russia To Upgrade and Modernize 200 T-72 Battle Tanks For Libya ...

--Russia News Agency     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, LIBYA,  and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel) 


“Flying” Russian Battle Tank (T-90S) Can Penetrate All Types Of Armor ...

--Russia News Agency     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel) 


Obama Rejects Israeli Request For Military Equipment Including Jets and Helicopters ...

--Middle-East Newsline      (Prophecies:  The US will be "neutralized" ... then Russia, Iran, and allies will invade Israel)


Obama Says, "Israelis Suspicious Of Me Because My Middle Name Is Hussein"...

--Drudge/Ha'aretz       (VIDEO:  Short "YouTube" video of Obama lifting up his own Islamic (Muslim) roots and beliefs ...)  


Russia and Iran Announce Iran's Nuclear Reactor (Which Russia Is Building) Will Be Running By September ...

--Debkafile     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)     (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... don't be "left behind")


Turkey Adopts Iranian Hamas Agenda For Gaza ...

--Middle-East Newsline   (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, TURKEY, and allies will invade Israel)    (Prophecies:  The Bible links GAZA to the "Apocalypse")


Hamas Sends Patients To Israel For Medical Care ...



Palestinian Leader (America's "Peace Partner") Abbas Tells Arab League "We'd Support a War Against Israel"...

--Israel Nat'l News     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)      (Prophecies ... Israel AFTER becoming a nation in 1948)


Russia War-Games In Sea of Japan Spark Diplomatic Protest From Japan ... Russia Just Yawns In Reply

--Pravda  (Russia)      (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


UN Advises World To Get Over The Attack And Sinking of South Korean Warship ..."Great Victory" for N. Korea

--World Tribune        (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)       (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


Flights Diverted and Delayed In China As UFO Detected Hovering (Photo) ... Military Connection Revealed

--Drudge/People Daily     (Prophecies ... Knowledge and Travel will increase around "the time of the end")     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)


From the article:

"A source with knowledge of the matter, however, told China Daily on Thursday that authorities had learned what the UFO was after an investigation.  But it was not the proper time to publicly disclose the information because there was a military connection, he said, adding that an official explanation is expected to be given on Friday."      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


Russian Lawmakers Vote To Strengthen KGB (Now Called FSB) ...

--Drudge/Kyiv Post      (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


Islamics Strike At Africa's World Cup ... At Least 64 Dead

--Drudge/London Telegraph     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)      (A Note on ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... from a Biblical perspective)  


Muslim Mob Kills Christian Man's Wife and 4 Children In Pakistan ...

--CDN    (A Note on ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... from a Biblical perspective)    (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)     (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated)  


Photo:  free-stockphotos.com

Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) warns . . .


   "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words,     (Are you ashamed of Jesus Christ ... or any part of the "Word of God"... the Bible?)

     of him the Son of Man will be ashamed (on the day of Judgment)  . . ."

     (Luke 9:25-26)    (Serious stuff ... )


   "Also I say to you,

     whoever confesses Me before men,

     him the Son of Man also will confess before the angels of God.   (And welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven ... forever!)

     But he who denies Me before men      (If you deny any part of the Word of God ... the Bible ... you deny Jesus (Yeshua))

     will be denied before the angels of God."     (And be bound and cast into the utter darkness, aloneness, and torments of Hell ...)

     (Luke 12:8-9)    (Are you more concerned with pleasing a few people here on Earth ... or on pleasing the God who holds your destiny?)


   "So it will be at the end of the Age.

     The angels will come forth,

     separate the wicked from among the just,

     and cast them into the furnace of fire.

     There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

     (Matthew 13:49-50)        (God's Promise ...)  


Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Senator Al Franken Over the Top in Contested Minnesota Election ...

--Drudge/Fox News   (Prophecies:  "In the last days"..."Evil men (and women) will wax worse and worse"..."Deceiving" (lying) ..."and BEING deceived")


More On The New Black Panther Obama's Dep't Of Justice Refused To Prosecute ... (Troubling and Scary Stuff)

--WND     (Prophecies:  Wars and rumors of war ... "nation against nation"..."ethnic against ethnic")    The enemies of this nation (from within and without) have been methodically dividing our nation along many different demographic lines for over 40 years now ... "Agitation and Propaganda"..."Divide and Conquer"... like the various "peace" movement and "anti-war" groups, the Black Panthers were spawned and nurtured from the KGB war-rooms buried deep within the Kremlin. 


   "But Jesus (Yeshua) knew their thoughts, and said to them:

   "Every nation (kingdom) divided against itself is brought to desolation,

     and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."      (Husbands ... wives ... sons ... daughters ... take heed.)

     (Matthew 12:25)  


The Democrat Party At Work ... Criminals Delight ... Oakland Police Won't Respond To "Minor" Crimes

--Drudge/NBC Bay Area       (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon')  


Obama's "Science Czar" Called For U.S. To Surrender To A "Planetary Regime"... Give Up Sovereignty To U.N.

--WND     (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)      (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon' includes ..."Traitors")


Obama's Dep't. of Justice Announces "Successful" Spy Swap With Russia For 10 Spies Captured June 27 ... 

--NewsMax   (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon' includes ..."Traitors")     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)   Doesn't anybody wonder why the Dept. of Justice (who attacks our own CIA and releases New Black Panther criminals) negotiated this Russian spy "swap" so quickly?  One reason that seems to make sense is Obama's Dept. of Justice did not want these Russian spies to talk or be properly interrogated and de-briefed.  It would surprise no one if these "low-level" and "insignificant" Russian under-cover agents who have been recruiting, directing, and successfully meeting KGB objectives for over 10 years could have possibly helped investigators uncover and expose some members in Obama's White House ... and possibly even some Senate and House members (and leaders).  Yet, we will be directed to "laugh it off" as though it were just some remnant of the old 1960's "cold" war ... and we will be easily directed by media coverage to somehow believe Obama and the Democrats out-smarted the Russians (who they generally show loyalty to) and we will be directed to believe that somehow we got the better deal in this swap.


V.P. Joe Biden Tells Jay Leno US Did Fine In Russian Spy Swap ... and Then Jokes About It

--Drudge/AP       (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)      (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon' includes ..."Traitors")


Who's Afraid Of Russian Spies ... America Yawns While Our Enemies Press Ahead

--JRNyquist      (Prophecies:  Russia and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)   The article also mentions how top media bosses from China visiting the United States on Sept. 11, 2001 stood up and cheered while watching live coverage of the second plane attack against the World Trade Center ... Americans in the room got angry ... there was a shouting match ... and the top media bosses from our " friend" China were sent home ...  (while our top media kept silent.) 


From Russia:  Russia-U.S. Relations "Passed" Spy Scandal "Test"...

--Russia News Agency     (Prophecies:  The US will be "neutralized" ... then Russia, Iran, and allies will invade Israel)


Obama's Justice Dept. Says Death Penalty May Not Be Possible For Al-Qaida 9/11 Attack Plotters ...

--NewsMax     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war) 


Earlier:  "Is al-Qaeda a Russian (Kremlin) Proxy?"

--JRNyquist      (From an interview with high-ranking Russian KGB defector Litvinenko shortly before he was assassinated (silenced) by  Russia's KGB in Britain ... the KGB officer suspected of leading the Russian KGB assassination team against Litvinenko in Britain has since been "elected" to the Russian Duma which provides him with immunity from extradition to Britain.)


Former High-Level Russian Spy Who Defected To US Dies at 53 In Florida ...

--Fox News     (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war) 


The War For Arizona ... and America

--WND/Joseph Farah       (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)       (The same Obama appointed Attorney General who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers is now moving against Arizona ...)


Obama's Dept. of Justice May Hit Arizona With "Racial Profiling" Suit To Stop Enforcement of Immigration Law ...

--Fox News     (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon' includes ..."Traitors")      (Prophecies ... Wars and rumors of war)


Obama Creates A "Protected" Class of "Illegals" Who Will Be "Immune" From Mandatory Detention ...

--WND     (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)   Whenever one person ... or one group of people ... is allowed to act illegally outside our "Rule of Law" we no longer have a free and Constitutional Republic form of government ... and it means we are moving into a Marxist-Socialist (Godless) form of government where there will be a "Ruling Class" (the "Party") and a "Ruled-Over Class" (the "People") ... this includes illegal immigrants being encouraged to break and ignore our federal laws. 


About the time of the coming Apocalypse and Armageddon the Bible warns the world will be seduced and led into a One-World Political System ... a One-World Economy and Monetary System ... and a One-World Religious System (which will exclude and imprison and execute believing Christians and Jews.)       (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... Jew and Gentile ... please don't be "left behind")


A Troublesome Peek Into To The Professional Background Of Obama's New Supreme Court Justice Nominee ...

--WND    (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon')     (Prophetic Warning Signs:   "Apocalypse" ... We will know when we are close)


Obama's Supreme Court Nominee Blows Fundamental Judicial Question ... Refused To Affirm "Natural Rights"

--WND/Ellis Washington     (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)    (Bible prophecies describing 'The Generation of Armageddon')   Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were designed to protect the Biblical "natural rights" of a people which our founders warned are fundamental to a free nation ... whereas the Marxist-Socialists now directing Obama and his Democrat Party appointees despise our Constitution (and the Bible) and are pressing hard for the power to determine themselves which "rights" will be allowed and which "rights" will be taken away. 


Marxist-Socialism (with their "Progressives"/Communists) is an evil and twisted form of "monarchy" ... where a "Minority" rules over the majority (watch their judges systematically overturn Constitutionally passed laws and propositions), the minority is directed and controlled by a "Committee," and the committee is controlled by a "Chairman" (the "Dictator") ... who is the basest and most lawless of all kings and rulers ... and "Power" (over the people through lies, deception, fear, intimidation, corruption, greed, and violence) is their god.  


Democrat Party Senate leader Reid and House of Representatives leader Pelosi were also affiliated with the US Socialist (Communist) party.  The tactics socialist-communist regimes use to consolidate their power over a nation include:   State-enforced atheism, government control over businesses and workers, shaping and manipulating opinions of the people through party-controlled television and media, wresting control of the children away from their parents through state-controlled education and curriculum, while teaching (indoctrinating) them that "private enterprise (business) is evil"... "worshiping mother earth is good and requires taking away freedoms"..."Christians and the Bible are evil"... "homosexuality is good"... "obedience to parents is evil"... "abortion and sexual immorality are good"... "America is evil and our founding fathers were occupiers"... "Fidel Castro and Che Guevera are good and should be lifted up as revolutionaries"... "loving God, family, and country is evil"..."lying and deceiving is good"... and "anyone who tries to expose the Party's lies or opposes their views is evil ... and must be silenced."   (The Bible warns, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil" -  Isaiah 5:20 ... and "Woe" is a terrible, terrible, curse.)


Their slogan over the past 30 years has been "Use Democracy" to destroy democracy ... and they have been "using democracy" through slander and deceit, massive election-vote fraud, voter registration fraud, and by screening, funding, and offering only candidates who will march in lock-step with the party line ... and then, to consolidate their power after "elected," they levy a myriad of burdensome taxes and "regulations" to destroy the middle-class, privately-owned businesses and farms (the backbone of our nation and economy), and the freedoms from government our founders and Constitution have tried to provide ... for socialist-communist nations strive to have just two classes - a "Ruling Class" (the "Party") and a "Ruled-Over Class" (the "People") who are then made dependent upon the State for their welfare in order to keep them in line and loyal.  


But, please remember, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is in control ... He has warned us and has clearly described a wicked and evil generation which would rise soon after Israel once again would become a nation ... and He will use all this for His good purpose ... trust in Him ... and draw near to Him before it is too late!!!    (Prophecies ... The coming "Rapture"... please don't be left behind)       (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "the Day of (God's) Wrath")       (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)


New Congressional Tax Rules Mean Millions More Tax Forms For US Businesses ...

--Drudge/CNN      Obama and the Democrat Party's ECONOMIC policies are now based on Marxist-Socialist doctrines of weakening, crippling, and destroying America's economy ... NOT reviving it.  If you haven't noticed, Obama's "advisers", "mentors", "czars," and "administrators", are saturated with Marxist-Socialists (communist "revolutionaries") who follow (in lock-step) the Soviet doctrine that America's powerful free-market economic system MUST be "torn down" (destroyed) BEFORE they can "rebuild" it using their Marxist-Stalinist economic model which always brings poverty upon a people and governs through violence, intimidation, greed, and fear ... 


Bill Clinton to Officiate (Perform) Congressman's Wedding ...

--Drudge/NY Times      (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)  


From Israel:  Fit for "The New York Times"... Exposing The New York Times

--Jerusalem Post/Caroline Glick   (Prophecies ... Israel AFTER becoming a nation in 1948)    (Prophecies:  The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon)


Handguns Belonging To Netanyahu's Body Guards Stolen During Luggage Transfer At New York Airport ...

--Israel Nat'l News


From Russia:  Large U.S. Banks Laundered Money from Drug Trafficking ...

--Pravda  (Russia)


Secret Gold Swap Spooks Gold Market ...

--Drudge/London Telegraph    


Record LOW Temperatures in Los Angeles ...

--Drudge/LA Times      (Bible Prophecies:  The prophetic "WEATHER FORECAST" for Planet Earth around the time of "Armageddon"...)


Moderate 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Southern California ...

--AFP  (France)       (Prophecies:  "And there will be EARTHQUAKES in diverse places"...)      (This prophecy is remarkable because it had to look far into the future and into the day (and generation) when there would be worldwide communications technology capable of reporting these worldwide earthquakes as they happen ... 2000 years ago the people living in Jerusalem and Israel (to whom these prophecies were first given) would never have known these earthquakes in "diverse places" had ever taken place.)


9 Days Of Mourning Over Destruction Of Jewish Temples and Exile Start Monday In Israel ...

--DavidHocking.org      (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies ... The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies of Messiah's Return)


     "When you SEE these things happening,

       know that it (the coming "Apocalypse") is NEAR  --  at the door!"

       (Mark 13:29)        (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon)      (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... please don't be "left behind")  



Note:  Many people today do not know whether or not they (or their loved ones) will go to Heaven.  Many have not been adequately (or honestly) taught what the Bible actually says and teaches ...


For the ASSURANCE of Life in Heaven (and of having ALL of your sin and guilt completely removed) . . . A.C.T. NOW!!! 


-  Acknowledge you are a sinner ... and have sinned against God's Law

-  Confess your sins to God

-  Trust (believe) completely in Jesus Christ  (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) ...

     -  He (lovingly and willingly) died for all of your sins on the Cross ... and His innocent blood washes away ALL our sins

     -  He was buried ... 

     -  He was raised (Resurrected) from the dead the third day ... and now waits to see if you are "with" Him or "against" Him

-  Turn back to God ... and turn away from sinful activities ("repent") ... He will welcome you with tears of joy.


If you do these things … sincerely and in faith … the Bible promises you can have the complete assurance of eternal life in Heaven.  The Bible tells us Jesus (Yeshua) did all the work for you when He bore all of your sins and died on the Cross ... and was buried ... and was raised (resurrected) from the dead (as "firstfruits" of the coming Resurrection) through the awesome power of God.  The Bible says you can’t add anything to it!!!  When you believe and trust in (and love) Jesus Christ as your "Savior" (who lovingly saves you from your sins and from Hell) ... and then turn away from your sinful ways and turn back to God ("repent"), you can have the complete peace and assurance in your heart that when you die, you will enter into His Kingdom of Heaven ... forever and ever it’s God’s Promise!!! 


The only thing God asks a NON-believer to do is to "believe"... Jesus (God) did ALL the work ... life in Heaven is OFFERED as a GIFT!!! 


AND many don't realize God’s loving offer (see below) contains both a "BLESSING” and a "CURSE”. . .


   "For God so loved the world

     that He GAVE His only begotten Son,

     that whoever BELIEVES (trusts) in Him      (to trust in Jesus alone to save us from our sins and from Hell)

     should NOT perish (in Hell)

     but have everlasting life (in Heaven).

     For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

     but that the world through Him might be saved (into Heaven).

     He who believes in Him is not condemned (to Hell);

     but he who does not believe (in Jesus Christ)

     IS condemned (to Hell) ALREADY"    (There will be no second chance for any who ignore or mock what God did for us on the Cross.)

     (John 3:16-18)       (Jesus greatly LOVED us to save us from Hell ... all God asks is that we love Him for all He has done for us.)


   "For by GRACE you have been saved (from your sins and from Hell)

     through FAITH (in Jesus Christ),

     and that not of yourselves;

     it is the GIFT of God,   ("Grace" is getting something we don’t deserve…we can't earn this gift of life in Heaven)

     NOT of works,   (we cannot enter Heaven through any “good deeds” we have done ... or think we have done.)

     lest ANYONE should boast."   (We are told it’s a gift from God … we just have to thankfully (and lovingly) receive it.)

     (Ephesians 2:8)    



Grace and Shalom



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