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This weekly news update is being sent because the Bible tells us to know the prophecies and to "watch" for their fulfillment (which can only be done by learning and knowing what is going on around the world) ... yet, many churches and synagogues today ignore and deny Bible prophecy (which in itself is a major fulfillment of Bible prophecy) ...


 Now, a short Bible prophecy lesson to help show how close we are ...


  + Israel back in the Land as a nation   (this started the clock ticking ...)

  + Iran and allies threatening war against Israel

  + Russia rising ... and acting as a 'guard' for Iran

  + China armed with weapons capable of quickly destroying 1/3 of mankind

  + Nations of the ancient Roman Empire (Europe?) reuniting and rising in power

  + Teachings of false 'Prophets' leading many

  + A Generation 'morally corrupt' and 'filled with violence'  

     (The Bible uses the word 'corrupt' -  like smelly, rotting meat)

  + 'The falling away'... churches and synagogues no longer teaching or enduring sound doctrine

  + Israel and Jerusalem . . . trouble, troubles, and more trouble 

  + All nations turning against nation Israel . . .                 

  = The Generation of the ... Rapture ... the 'Apocalypse' ... Armageddon ... and Messiah's Return.


For the first time in history this prophetic 'equation' is nearly complete . . . and all in this generation!!! 



That Tiny Red 'Dot' is Israel ... God warns, 'Israel is His'...'Allah' and his vast armies (green) keep trying to prove Him wrong

The 'God of Israel' and the Bible . . .  or . . . 'Allah' and the Koran . . . The Bible Warns One Is True . . .  and One Is False

The coming Battle of Armageddon ('Hill of Megiddo')  . . .  Armageddon lies right in the center of that tiny Red 'Dot'

"I (God) will bless those who bless you (Israel) and will curse those who curse you". . .  (Genesis 12:3)


God's Promise  ...

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Finding Hope and Comfort  In Times of Trouble ...

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The ASSURANCE of Life In Heaven ... It's NOT Too Late!!! 

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This Week's News Headlines . . .

(In times of trouble ... Trust in the Lord, draw near to Him, earnestly pray for His guidance and direction, and seek His Will in your life.) 


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The Bible warns the darkest days of Earth’s history are yet future ...


     "Surely, the Lord GOD does nothing

       unless He reveals His secret

       to His servants the prophets . . ."

       (Amos 3:7)


The events will be awesome and will strike suddenly.  The events will be terrible.  An unbelieving world will be taken by surprise.  The devastation will be complete.  The devastation will be global.


     "When I heard,

       my belly trembled,

       my lips quivered at the voice ...

       rottenness entered into my bones,

       and I trembled in myself,

       that I might rest (be hidden or escape)

       in the "Day of Trouble"... ( the coming "Apocalypse")

       (Habakkuk 3:16)       (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "The Day of (God's) Wrath")


Foxe's Book Of Martyrs ... Detailed History Of Christians' Faith During Torture and Death ... Lest We Forget

--AND   (Read Here FREE ... Foxe's Book Of Martyrs ... Chapter by Chapter ... Martyr by Martyr ... Caesars and Popes could not silence the Word of God)


Report:  Over 100,000 Christians Now Being Killed Every Year For Their Faith ... At Least 1 Every 5 Minutes

--WND      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)         (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated) 


Sudanese Military and Militias Kill Christians ...

--CDN    (ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... Allah vs. The Word of God)      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated)


Islamics Destroy Christian Homes ... Turn Christian Village Into Cattleyard

--WND/CDN    (ISLAM'S VIOLENCE ... Allah vs. The Word of God)      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated)


China Continues To Arrest and Jail Christians Who Don't Attend "State-Run" Churches ...

--CDN          (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated)


NBC Removes "Under God" From Pledge of Allegiance At US Open ...



USDA Wants To Impose Their Intense Homosexual Indoctrination On ALL Federal Agencies ...

--WND/Washington Times      (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality)     As a Christian and as a common citizen of our Constitutional Republic it is a duty to at least sound a warning and shed some light upon what our leaders whom we elect to represent this nation before God are doing which is in direct rebellion against God and God's Word and now places our nation and our people in great danger ...


This forced indoctrination and forced submission to an act and a lifestyle which the Bible identifies as an "abomination" is also in direct rebellion against our Constitution and our "Rule of Law" which our form of government lifts up over the people as our earthly King.


Republican Party Candidates Romney and Cain Refuse To Sign "Pro Life" Pledge ...

--WND/Life News    (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality and Abortion)      (The war against our CHILDREN ...)


Republican Party Candidate Huntsman Attracting Homosexual Support (and Fundraising) ...

--NewsMax       (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality and Abortion)  


Huntsman Rides Surge Of Support in Republican Straw Poll Shocker ...

--NewsMax       (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality and Abortion)  


Congressman Weiner's Mother-In-Law Is Member Of Muslim Brotherhood In Saudi Arabia ...

--WND      (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)      (His Muslim wife Huma is Hillary Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff ...)


Democrat Congresswoman Wants Investigation On How "Christian" Militants Might "Bring Down Country"...

--Drudge/CNS News    (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)       (Prophecies ... Christians will be hated)


Texas Mother Convicted of Felony For Spanking Own Child ... Judge Scolds "You Don't Spank Children Today"

--Drudge/Volunteer     (Bible prophecies: 'Generation of Armageddon'..."DISOBEDIENT TO PARENTS")    (This ruling opposes God's Word  ...)


California School District Cancels Fundraiser And Returns Money Because Of Bible Verses On Some Bricks ...

--Fox News    (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)      (Prophecies:  The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon)      (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture") 


U.N. Passes "Historic" Homosexual Rights Resolution ... U.S. State Department Lobbied Intensively For It

--WND/CNN     (GOD'S  LAW:  Homosexuality)        (Bible prophecies: 'Generation of Armageddon')       (The war against our CHILDREN ...)


Enormous Arizona Wildfire Near Biggest in State's History ...

--Fox News  


Workers Race To Save Iowa Town From Rising Floodwaters ...

--Fox News  


US Housing Collapse Now Worse Than During The Great Depression ...

--Fox News      Many can't see the connection between "historic" disasters and troubles and America's rebellion against God's Word ...


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Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) warns never in the history of mankind has there ever been anything as terrible and deadly as the coming "Apocalypse"...


     "For there will be Great Tribulation

       such has not been

       since the beginning of the world until this time

       no, nor ever shall be.

       And UNLESS those days were shortened

       no flesh (on Earth) would be saved" 

       (Matthew 24:21-22)


After the "Rapture" the door will be closed ... and all the prophecies of the "Great Tribulation" (the Apocalypse) will be fulfilled.  God will one day pour out His wrath on a violent, morally corrupt, and unbelieving generation that has turned against Him and His Word, Jesus (Yeshua) the Messiah, thus losing their only hope . . .


       "I (the Lord) have held my peace a long time,

        I have been still and restrained myself.

        Now I will cry like a woman in labor . . .

        I will lay waste to the mountains and hills"

        (Isaiah 42:14-15)      (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "The Day of (God's) Wrath")


       "I will punish the world for its evil,

        and the wicked for their iniquity ...

        I will halt the arrogance of the proud."

        (Isaiah 13:11)      (Prophecies: The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "The Day of (God's) Wrath")


China Trains Army To Kill American Soldiers ...

--DavidHocking.org/WND      (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)        (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)  


China and Russia Draw Closer ... State Visit To Deepen "Pragmatic" Cooperation

--Drudge/PeopleDaily      (Prophecies:  Russia and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


Iran Joins Russia and China At Shanghai Alliance (SCO) Summit ...

--Drudge/AFP      (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)   The "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" (SCO) receives very little notice from our press ... yet it has now risen to become one of the most powerful and dangerous military alliances on Earth.


Iran's Ahmadinejad Launches Brutal Verbal Attack Against Israel At Shanghai Alliance Summit ...

--NewsMax      (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


Russia Calls For Closer Ties Between Afghanistan and Shanghai Alliance (SCO) ...

--Russia News      (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


SCO (Shanghai Alliance) Slams U.S. Missile Defense Plans ...

--Russia News      (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)  


U.S. Scraps Missile Defense Plan For Czech Republic ...

--Russia News Agency     (Prophecies:  The US will be "neutralized" ... then Russia, Iran, Turkey, and allies will invade Israel) 


Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants in Bin Laden Raid ... (Pakistan Has Observer Status With The Shanghai Group)

--Drudge/NYTimes       (Prophecies:  The US will be "neutralized" ... then Russia, Iran, Turkey, and allies will invade Israel) 


Russia Signs $1.7 Billion Deal For 2 Advanced French Warships ...

--Russia News Agency      (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


Lebanon Has A Radical New Government ... Power Now Shifts To Iran (Hizbullah) and Syria

--Debkafile      (Prophecies ... DAMASCUS-SYRIA will be utterly destroyed)        (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)


Iranian Hizbullah's Arsenal Now Exceeds 50,000 Rockets and Missiles In Lebanon ...

--Middle-East Newsline      (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)     (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, and allies will go to war ... and will invade Israel)


Iran Spies Caught With Falsified Travel Documents For Upcoming Gaza Flotilla ...

--Jerusalem Post        (Prophecies:  Russia, Iran, Turkey, and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)  


UN Report:  Iran Covertly Accelerated Long-Range Missile Development (With China's Help) ...

--DavidHocking.org      (Prophecies:  Russia and allies will attack and invade Israel ...)      (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)


Egypt's Zawahiri "Becomes al-Qaeda Chief"...

--BBC News        (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)      Al-Qaida's al-Zawahri rose out of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (whom Obama and Clinton actively supported while toppling Mubarak) ... and the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida have been operating jointly in Libya.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is now directing Egypt away from America, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and towards Iran's Hamas and Hizbullah.   Obama-Clinton have been assisting the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's rise in power while turning their backs on Israel (and Saudi Arabia.)


Russian Leader Says New Rules For World Economy Should Be Devised By The UN (United Nations) ...

--Russia News Agency      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)  


Massachusetts Institute of Technology To Help Set Up Russia's Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology ...

--Russia News Agency       (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)  


IBM May Open Research Center In Russia's Skolkovo Hub ...

--Russia News Agency       (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)  


Iraq Kicks Out US Congressmen Who Asked If A Portion Of Iraq Oil Money Could Help Repay US War Costs ...

--WND        (Bible Prophecies:  IRAQ -  (Babylon)       God's coming judgment against Iraq (Babylon) is terrible ... and is not yet fulfilled.


China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Chinese-Run City South Of Boise, Idaho ...

--World Tribune     (Prophecies:  China and allies will destroy 1/3 of mankind)    (For many years our leaders have been quietly exchanging our national sovereignty for their own lustful greed ...)


Photo:  free-stockphotos.com

The Bible warns not many "wise" or "mighty" or "noble" will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven ...


     "For the message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing (in Hell),

       but to us who are being saved (into Heaven) it is the power of God.  

       For it is written:

     "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise,   (for all those who think their earthly intelligence has figured out a "better" way)

       And bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent"...

       For since, in the Wisdom of God,

       the world through wisdom did NOT know God,   (trying to follow earthly logic and wisdom is a trap and a snare ...)

       it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached

       to save those who believe.   (All who trust God's Word ... the Bible warns NOT to "lean on our own understanding")

       For Jews request a sign,

       and Greeks (Gentiles) seek after wisdom;  

       but we preach Messiah (Christ) crucified,   (where He "paid our debt" and "washed us clean"... to save us from Hell)

       to the Jews a stumbling block

       and to the Greeks foolishness,  

       but to those who are called,  

       both Jews and Greeks,

       Christ (Messiah) the power of God and the wisdom of God.  

       Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men,

       and the weakness of God is stronger than men.  

       For you see your calling, brethren,

       that NOT MANY WISE according to the flesh, 


       NOT MANY NOBLE, are called.        (The Bible is clear when it says there will be no boasting or "I did it MY way" in Heaven ...)

       But GOD has chosen the foolish things of the world  

       to put to shame the wise,  

       and God has chosen the weak things of the world      (God saves those who find they don't really fit in with or even like "this world"...)

       to put to shame the things which are mighty;"       (Our mind, looks, strength, riches, or position won't save us from Hell.)

       (1 Corinthians 1:18-19, 21-27)       (God's Promise ...)       (The ASSURANCE of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!)


Obama's Sec'y Of Defense Nominee (Panetta) Linked To Marxist Group Who Supported Cold War Soviets ...

--WND   (Bible prophecies: 'Generation of Armageddon'..."TRAITORS")      (Prophecies:  The US "neutralized" ... then Russia and allies will invade Israel)    If you step back and look objectively at the News Headlines over the past years (concerning Defense, Economic, Domestic, and Foreign policies) you will find it appears Obama, Clinton, and the core Democrat Party Leaders have been acting as agents of a foreign power (Russia-China and their allies) while undermining the vital interests of America, Israel, and our Allies.  Obama and the Democrat Party's DEFENSE policies are based on Marxist-Socialist (Soviet) doctrines and strategies of weakening, crippling, and destroying America's national defense ... NOT strengthening it.  Simply step back and watch ... every Democrat Party defense policy now strengthens Russia-Islam-China's ability to attack and destroy us ... and weakens our Military's ability to defend and protect us. 


CIA Chief and Soon To Be Sec'y of Defense Panetta's Documented Communist Ties Go Back Many Years ...

--World Tribune     (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)        (Bible prophecies: 'Generation of Armageddon'..."TRAITORS") 


Obama's CIA-Defense Chief Was Keynote Speaker For Pro-Soviet Conference During Height of Cold War ...

--WND     (Prophecies ... WARS and rumors of war)        (Bible prophecies: 'Generation of Armageddon'..."TRAITORS") 


Van Impe Ministries Abandons TBN After Network Refused To Air Program Challenging Pastors Over Islam ...

--WND      (Prophecies: Churches will "depart from the faith" ... "will no longer endure sound doctrine")     (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)   (Jack Van Impe criticized famous leaders such as Rick Warren and Robert Schuller for advocating "Chrislam" and other efforts to embrace "common ground" with Islam ...


Islam teaches Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) is NOT the "Son of God"

and to mock Christians, Islamics wrote their denial all around the gold-domed "Dome Of The Rock" in Jerusalem ...


   "Even now many antichrists have come,

     by which we know that it is the last hour.  

     They went out FROM us,

     but they were not of us ...

     Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Messiah (Christ)?

     He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.  


     does NOT have the Father either;    (and will be cast out of the Kingdom of Heaven ... into Hell)

     he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also."    (and will be lovingly received into the Kingdom of Heaven)

     (1 John 2:18-19,21-23)        (The assurance of life in Heaven  ... it's NOT too late!!!)


The time draws near ...


   "Little children, it is the last hour;     (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"...)  

     and as you have heard that the ANTICHRIST is coming,      (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)

     even now MANY antichrists have come,

     by which we KNOW that it is the last hour."  

     (John 2:18)      (Prophecies: The coming 'Apocalypse' and Armageddon)


God warns those who "compromise" or fellowship with any who deny Messiah is the Son of God ...


   "Do NOT be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

     For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?

     And what communion has light with darkness?  

     And what accord has Messiah (Christ) with Belial (Satan)?

     Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?  

     And what agreement has the Temple of God with idols?

     For you are the Temple of the living God.

     As God has said: "I will dwell in them and walk among them.

     I will be their God, and they shall be My people."  

     Therefore "Come OUT from among them and be separate," says the Lord.

     Do not touch what is unclean,

     And I will receive you."  

     I will be a Father to you,

     And you shall be My sons and daughters,

     Says the LORD Almighty."

     (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)       (God's Promise ...)


Prophecies of Messiah ("the Son of God") from Psalm 2 (a Psalm of King David) ...


   "I (God) have set MY King

     on My Holy Hill of Zion.  (Jerusalem)

     I (God) will declare the Decree:

     The LORD has said to Me,

     You are MY SON

     this day I (God) have BEGOTTEN You.

     Ask of Me,

     and I will give You the Gentiles (nations)

     for Your inheritance,

     and the ends of the Earth for Your possession ..."

     (Psalm 2:6-7)


   "Kiss the SON  (of God)

     lest He be angry,

     and you perish in the way (in Hell),

     when His wrath is kindled but a little.      (Prophecies:  The coming "Apocalypse" and Armageddon ... "The Day of God's Wrath")

     BLESSED are all those who trust in Him."     (God's Promise ...)      (Prophecies:  The coming "Rapture"... please don't be "left behind")
     (Psalm 2:12)   (See John 19:1-22 ... the religious leaders wanted Him crucified because He said He was "the Son of God")


Church of Sweden Members "Don't Believe (Or Trust) In Jesus"...

--WND/Sweden     (Prophecies: Churches will "depart from the faith" ... "will no longer endure sound doctrine")     (Prophecies:  The coming Antichrist)


Rabbinical Court In Israel Sentences Dog To Death By Stoning ... Rules Spirit Of Cursed Lawyer Moved Into Dog

--Ynet  (Israel)    (The Bible records DEMONS moving from a human body into animal bodies (Matthew 8:31-32) but NEVER does the Bible record a human spirit moved into an animal ...)



Note:  Many people today do not know whether or not they (or their loved ones) will go to Heaven.  Many have not been adequately (or honestly) taught what the Bible actually says and teaches ...


For the ASSURANCE of Life in Heaven (and of having ALL of your sin and guilt completely removed) . . . A.C.T. NOW!!! 


-  Acknowledge you are a sinner ... and have sinned against God's Law

-  Confess your sins to God

-  Trust (believe) completely in Jesus Christ  (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) ...

     -  He (lovingly and willingly) died for all of your sins on the Cross ... and His innocent blood washes away ALL our sins

     -  He was buried ... 

     -  He was raised (Resurrected) from the dead the third day ... and now waits to see if you are "with" Him or "against" Him

-  Turn back to God ... and turn away from sinful activities ("repent") ... He will welcome you with tears of joy.


If you do these things … sincerely and in faith … the Bible promises you can have the complete assurance of eternal life in Heaven.  The Bible tells us Jesus (Yeshua) did all the work for you when He bore all of your sins and died on the Cross ... and was buried ... and was raised (resurrected) from the dead (as "firstfruits" of the coming Resurrection) through the awesome power of God.  The Bible says you can’t add anything to it!!!  When you believe and trust in (and love) Jesus Christ as your "Savior" (who lovingly saves you from your sins and from Hell) ... and then turn away from your sinful ways and turn back to God ("repent"), you can have the complete peace and assurance in your heart that when you die, you will enter into His Kingdom of Heaven ... forever and ever it’s God’s Promise!!! 


The only thing God asks a NON-believer to do is to "believe"... Jesus (God) did ALL the work ... life in Heaven is OFFERED as a GIFT!!! 


AND many don't realize God’s loving offer (see below) contains both a "BLESSING” and a "CURSE”. . .


   "For God so loved the world

     that He GAVE His only begotten Son,

     that whoever BELIEVES (trusts) in Him      (to trust in Jesus alone to save us from our sins and from Hell)

     should NOT perish (in Hell)

     but have everlasting life (in Heaven).

     For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world,

     but that the world through Him might be saved (into Heaven).

     He who believes in Him is not condemned (to Hell);

     but he who does not believe (in Jesus Christ)

     IS condemned (to Hell) ALREADY"    (There will be no second chance for any who ignore or mock what God did for us on the Cross.)

     (John 3:16-18)       (Jesus greatly LOVED us to save us from Hell ... all God asks is that we love Him for all He has done for us.)


   "For by GRACE you have been saved (from your sins and from Hell)

     through FAITH (in Jesus Christ),

     and that not of yourselves;

     it is the GIFT of God,   ("Grace" is getting something we don’t deserve…we can't earn this gift of life in Heaven)

     NOT of works,   (we cannot enter Heaven through any “good deeds” we have done ... or think we have done.)

     lest ANYONE should boast."   (We are told it’s a gift from God … we just have to thankfully (and lovingly) receive it.)

     (Ephesians 2:8)    


Grace and Shalom



Finding Hope and Comfort  In Times of Trouble >>>


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The ASSURANCE of Life In Heaven ... It's NOT Too Late!!!  >>>


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