The War Now Raging

Against Our Children



Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Marx were the "fathers" of modern (and American) Socialism ...

They carefully taught their evil and wicked Socialist followers how to gain control over a people and a nation ...


Here are a few of their directives ...


   - "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future"  (Hitler)

   - "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."  (Stalin)

   - "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  (Lenin)

   - "The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care,

        shall be in state institutions at state expense."  (Karl Marx)


"Socialism" IS a religion that despises God's Word and Biblical Christianity ... Socialists writhe and hiss and froth at the mouth even at the mention of God's Name or God's Word ... Socialists have no "defined" set of rules for morality.


Jesus warns one day an evil generation would be raised up ...


   "And CHILDREN will rise against PARENTS

     and have them put to death"

     (Matthew 10:21)



Recent Headlines Revealing The EXTREME Danger

Our Children Are Now Facing ...


Pray For Our Children ...

--RaptureReady/D. Huebshman


Illinois Governor (Democrat) Signs Law Requiring Students

To Be Taught Historical Contributions Of Homosexuals ...

-Christian News


Nearly One-Fourth Of All Babies Were Aborted In England, Wales ...

--Christian News


New HBO Teenage Television Show Filled

With Transgender-Homosexual Rape, Sex, and Drugs ...



From Israel:

The False god of "Drag Queen Story Time" For Our Children ...

--Israel Nat'l News 


Same Sex Couple Featured On Children's Show "My Little Pony"...



Children To Receive Taxpayer-Funded

"Sex Realignment" Surgeries In Vermont ...



Parents Of 700 Students In California

Keep Their Children Home From School

To Protest Mandatory Homosexual Teaching

For 5-Year-Olds (Kindergarten) to 10-Year-Olds (5th Grade) ...

--HalLindsey/Christian Headlines


Illinois Judge Jorge Alonso Says Girls

Have NO Rights To "Visual Bodily Privacy"

In Case Involving "Transgenders" Using Whichever

Shower Locker Room They Desire In High Schools ...

--World Tribune


Mom Outraged After Homosexual-Rights Book Read To 7 Year-Old 2nd Graders ...



Public School Bans All Christmas Songs That Mention Jesus ...

--Christian Post


6-Year-Old Children Forced To Write Homosexual/Lesbian "Love Letter"

In UK School To Indoctrinate And Promote Same Sex Marriage ...

--Christian Post


Facebook Shut Down Christian Group Who Was Protesting

The Transgender Indoctrination Of Our Young Children ...



New Homosexual Cartoon Show "Drag Tots" Targets Children ...



Disney Director Has Long History

Of "Joking" About Raping and Molesting Children ...



Parents Across U.S. Pulling Kids Out Of Schools Monday

To Protest "Pornographic" and "Gender-Bending" Sex Ed Curricula

Being Presented and Promoted By Planned Parenthood ...



California Bill To Ban Religious Books

That Support The Bible's Teaching On Homosexuality ...

--Christian Post


University Of Tennessee At Knoxville

Hosts "Anal Sex Workshop" During University Sex Week ...



Texas 6th-Graders Receive Quiz Asking

"How Comfortable Are You At A Gay Bar"

or "Meeting A Female-To-Male Transexual?"

--InfoWars     Their strategy is a psychologically proven one ... start introducing and desensitizing children to such activities, concepts, and words at an early enough age that it will be very difficult and almost impossible to change their minds at a later age.  This is why all California schools from Kindergarten to 12th Grade are now required to teach a section promoting homosexuality while making it against the law to present any opposing views.  They never asked the children's parents for permission, they just did it.  It's like Satan convincing Eve that the deadly and poisonous "forbidden fruit" which would kill her (and all of her offspring) is basically like any other fruit (maybe even tastier), but just considered a little "different" by some.  This way, children are being taught that those people (such as parents and churches) who will one day try to teach them the Biblical or an opposing view are wrong and intolerant.  Most parents and churches don't feel comfortable talking about or presenting the Bible teachings on certain things like homosexuality, lesbianism, and trans-genderism at such an early age.  So, our schools knowingly take the overwhelming advantage of injecting these ideas into our children first, (which up until the past few years would be in direct opposition to all parents and all churches).  This places the "state" (educators) in the ultimate power position of indoctrinating our children and "searing their conscience" against that which is right or good.   


One Of America's

Most Prestigious Colleges (Swarthmore)

Offers Course In "Queering God"...

--Fox News  


Disney Channel  To Feature

First Ever Homosexual Storyline

With 13 Year-Old Boy "Coming Out"

On Andi Mack ...

--Christian Post     


State of California Mandates

MORE Pro-Homosexual Curriculum

In All Schools From Kindergarten To 12th Grade ...



Harvard University Hosts "Anal Sex" Workshop ...



Leftist-Socialist College Campuses

Starting To Offer Bizarre Courses

Turning Students Away From God

And Towards Communism ...



Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls ...

--Drudge/NBC            George Bush brought in Robert Gates as Defense Secretary who  promoted the "don't ask don't tell" homosexuality doctrine in the military ... while Robert Gates served under Obama he allowed open homosexuality and lesbianism in our military, including forced indoctrination classes and videos (all weakening our military against our enemies) ... Robert Gates later became head of the Boy Scouts of America and opened the doors to homosexuals and homosexual Scout Masters ... this is a subtle yet powerful war against our nation and children by our enemies.


British Judge Rules Against Christian Student

Expelled From University Over Views

On Homosexual Marriage ...

--Christian Post   


Christian Mom Warns,

Teen Vogue Magazine's "Sex Guide" Including Anal Sex Tips

Would Be Crime If Texted To Minors ...

--Christian Post      


Homosexual Activists

Are After Your Young Children ...

--Christian Post  


Sesame Street Expresses Support For Homosexuality

During "LGBT Pride" Month ...

--HalLindsey /Christian News   


   "Pride disgusts the Lord,

    Proud men (and women) will be punished."

    (Proverbs 16:5)   (Pride says, "Nobody is going to tell me what to do!  Not even God!")


"Homosexualizing Of America" ...

Study Finds Hollywood, Educators, and US Government

Turning American Youth To Approve Of Homosexuality

--Worlld Tribune     


Disney Promoting Homosexuality To Families On Network Television:

ABC's (Disney's) New "Homosexual Rights" Drama

Is A Ratings Disaster ...



Principal (Middle School and High School)

In Idaho Recruits Students For "Secret Gay Club" ...



Disney Promoting Homosexuality To Kids In Movie Theaters:

Christian-Owned Movie Theater Refuses To Show

Disney's New "Beauty And The Beast" Movie

Because It Is Homosexual Propaganda ...

--Christian Post     


Disney Actress Says Homosexual Scene

In Disney's New "Beauty And The Beast" Movie Is "Fun"...

Franklin Graham Calls For Christians To Boycott Disney

--Christian Post     


Beauty and the Brainwashing ...

Disney's Homosexual Agenda



Disney Channel Animated Cartoon Show For Kids

Features Graphic Homosexual and Lesbian Kissing ...



Disney To Display Open Homosexuality

In New "Beauty And The Beast" Film Using Live Actors ...



First "Transgender" Child TV Actor

To Appear On ABC's (Disney's) "Modern Family"...

--Christian Post     


Children's Cable Channel "Nickelodeon"

Debuts New Kids Cartoon Featuring Homosexual Couple ...



California To Teach Homosexual-Lesbian Curriculum

To 2nd Graders ...



Homosexual-Lesbian (LGBT) Crowd

Now Eyes Preschool Children ...

--Koenig/Fox News      


Ellen DeGeneres Says Disney's Movie "Finding Dory"

Should Feature A "Transgender" Sting-Ray

Who Changes His Name To Sting-Rhonda ...



Disney Joins Boycott Attacking Georgia Religious Freedom Bill

Which Would Allow Pastors To Refuse Homosexual Weddings ...

--Christian Post      


Disney Star Johnny Depp Says

ALL His Characters Are Homosexual ...



ABC (Disney) To Revamp New Muppets TV Show

After Exposing Children To Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol ...

--Christian Post      


Disney/ABC Television Show Airs

Homosexual Kiss Between Two 13-Year-Old Boys ...



Disney Channel Introduces Its First LESBIAN Couple

On KIDS Show ...

--Blaze     Like Satan in the Garden ... Disney is now the evil witch (who has transformed herself to look like a Disney princess) hiding deadly poison in tasty looking apples for children.  


Outrage As Disney Lights Up Cinderella's Castle

With Homosexual Rainbow Flag Colors ...



Disney Accused Of Going To War Against Christianity ...

--Fox News    


Washington State Schools To Push

"Transgender" Indoctrination Standards Upon ALL GRADES

Kindergarten Through High School ...



Students In Virginia Can Now Be Expelled

For Criticizing "Transgenderism"...



California Poised To Approve New Far-Left

K-12 Public School Curriculum ...

(This Will Soon Filter Into ALL Common Core Curriculum Nationwide)



Students In US Public Schools Forced To Recite

"Allah Is The Only God"...



School District In Colorado Approves Distributing Satanic Material To School Children ...



Middle-School Science Assignment Tells Students

"Whoever (Such As A Pastor, Teacher, or Parent) 

Says Evolution Is Just A Theory and Is Not Correct

Is Trying To Mislead The Student"

--The Blaze     


Here’s what the assignment said:

"Next time someone tries to tell you that evolution is just a theory, as a way of dismissing it, as if it’s just something someone guessed at, remember that they’re using the non-scientific meaning of the word. If that person is a teacher, or minister, or some other figure of authority (like a parent), they should know better. In fact, they probably do, and are trying to mislead you."


26,000 Petition Catholic University San Diego

To Stop Hosting "Hyper-Sexualized"

Homosexual "Drag" Show ...

--Christian Post    


Watchdog Group Blasts TV Ratings System

Exposing Kids To Violence and Nudity ...

--Christian Post     


New York College Makes Campus Bathrooms "Gender Neutral"

and Removes "Men" and "Women" Signs ...

--Christian Post      


School Principal In New York

Bans Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas, and Thanksgiving ...



School District Bans Word "Christmas" From Flyer ...

Tells American Legion They Can't Say "Christmas Tree"

--Fox News      


Parents In Virginia Outraged After High School Students

Are Instructed To Practice Calligraphy By Reproducing

"The First Pillar of Islam" In Arabic Which States

"There Is No God But Allah" and

"Mohammed Is The Messenger of Allah"

--The Blaze    


Turkey's Prime Minister (Erdogan) quoted the following concerning Islam ...     


    "The mosques are our barracks,

      the domes our helmets,

      the minarets our bayonets

      and Muslims our soldiers …”


Islam denies Jesus Christ is the Son of God and mock Him by writing all around the Golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem that "God is not begotten and God does not beget"...


   "Who is a liar but he

     who denies that Jesus is the Messiah (Christ)?

     He is antichrist who

     denies the Father and the Son."

     (1 John 2:22)


The POWER Of God's Son ...   

1000 years before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem "The Son of God " was introduced to Mankind through the Psalms of King David ... From the the ancient Jewish Prophets in the Old Testament (Tanakh) ... The Jewish Rabbis BEFORE the time of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) KNEW there was a "Son of God" who would one-day be "begotten"...


   "I (God) have set MY King

     on My Holy Hill of Zion.  (Jerusalem)

     I (God) will declare the Decree:

     The LORD has said to Me,

     You are MY SON

     this day I (God) have BEGOTTEN You.

     Ask of Me,

     and I will give You the nations (Gentiles)

     for Your inheritance,

     and the ends of the Earth for Your possession ..."

     (Psalm 2:6-7)


   "Kiss the SON  (of God)

     lest He be angry,

     and you perish in the way,

     when His wrath is kindled but a little.

     Blessed are all those who trust in Him."    
     (Psalm 2:12) 


   "Who has established all the ends of the Earth?

     What is HIS Name,

     and what is His SON's Name,

     if you know?

     (Proverbs 30:4)     


Boy Scouts of America Votes To End Ban

On Homosexuals As Scout Leaders ...

--Koenig/BBC News        


College Freshmen At Duke University Revolt

Against Summer Reading Book Featuring

"Graphic Visual Depictions" Of Homosexuality

Saying It Conflicts With Their Religious and Moral Beliefs ...

--WND/Daily Mail    


Christian College Extends Benefits

To Homosexual-Lesbian Couples ...



Oregon OKs State Subsidized

Sex Change Operations For Teenage Children ...

--WND/Fox News      


Disney/ABC Television Show Airs

Homosexual Kiss Between Two 13-Year-Old Boys ...



Disney Channel Introduces Its First LESBIAN Couple

On KIDS Show ...

--Blaze     Like Satan in the Garden ... Disney is now the evil witch (who has transformed herself to look like a Disney princess) hiding deadly poison in tasty looking apples for children. 


Outrage As Disney Lights Up Cinderella's Castle

With Homosexual Rainbow Flag Colors ...



San Francisco School Adds

"Gender Neutral" Kindergarten Bathrooms ...

ALL California Schools Required To Allow "Transgender" Students

To Pick Whichever Bathroom They Wish To Use



Christians Should Unite to Crush

New Disney/ABC Prime-Time TV Show

Based On Venom-Filled and God-Hating Homosexual

"Gay Rights" Activist Dan Savage ...



Disney/ABC Glorify X-Rated

Homosexual Activist Dan Savage

In New Prime-Time Television Sitcom ...



Disinformation And Bias

Now In America K-12 Education

Schoolbooks and Curriculum ...



Obama Says Sex Education for Kindergartners

Is The "Right Thing to Do"...

--Drudge/CNS News      


Lesbian Teacher Boasts of Teaching Children

As Young As Kindergarten On Being "Gay" ...



NY City's Mandatory Sex Education Curriculum For School Kids

Includes Pornography and Bestiality ...



US Department of Education Celebrates Homosexual Marriage

With A Rainbow On Facebook ...



Taxpayer Funded

Public School Sex Education Conference

For Students as Young As 11 Years Old

Offers "Tips" on Teaching Children How

To Use Internet Porn For Self-Gratification ...

--Drudge/CBS News     


Harvard University's Sex Week "Explores" Anal Sex ...



School Tells 10-Year-Old Child

She Can’t Write About God As Her "Idol"...

But Michael Jackson Is Okay

--Fox News    


Teacher Charged For Letting Middle-School Students

Have Sex In School Classroom ...



Democrat Party Led California Forces

Catholic Colleges to Pay for Abortion ...

--Fox News     


Democrat Party Led California Law Now Requires

All Schools (K-12) To Teach Homosexual "History" ...

Prohibits Presenting Any Views Which Might Oppose

the Homosexual-Lesbian Agenda and Lifestyle

--USA Today The Serpent in the tree ... Children in California are now being powerfully indoctrinated to believe the "State" is right (and good), and their parents, churches, and the Bible are wrong (and evil) ...  


The Bible warns around the time of the coming Apocalypse ...


   "Children will rise up against parents

     and cause them to be put to death.

     And you (believing Christians)

     will be hated by all men

     for My Name's (Jesus’) sake.  

     But he who endures to the end

     shall be saved."

     (Mark 13:12-13)   


   "WOE to those who call evil good, and good evil;

     Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness ..."

     (Isaiah 5:20)     ("Woe" is a terrible, terrible, curse ...)   


Homosexuals Say "We Have Rights To Your Children!"...



Parents Outraged

Over Pornographic "Sex-Education" Book

School Preparing To Give To 14 Year-Old

High School Freshmen In California ...



California High School Teacher Offers Extra-Credit

To 15-Year-Old Students Who Search Parents Room

And Take "Selfies" With Hidden Sex Toys ...



Boy Scouts Consider Girl Members ...



Girl Scouts Welcome "Cross-Dressing Boys"

Into Their Ranks ...



Girl Scouts Start Troop in Utah

Trying To Attract "Transgender" Girls Scout Recruits ...



Girl Scouts Staff Member and Current Spokesman Josh Ackley

Was Member of "Queer Rock - HomoCore" Rock Band ...

--Breitbart     "Homo Core" will soon be a major component of "Common Core" education of our children ...


90 Girl Scouts March In San Francisco's

Homosexual-Lesbian "Gay Pride" Parade ...



Professor In Tennessee Forced Students

To Wear Homosexual-Lesbian Support Ribbons ...



Taxpayer-Funded Planned Parenthood

Promotes Sado-Masochism and Bondage To Teens In Video ...



MIddle-School's "Horrific" Sex Education Photos

are Outraging Parents ...



Parent Arrested After Complaining To School Board

About Graphic Sex In Daughter's Schoolbook ...



Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Marx were the "fathers" of modern (and American) Socialism ...

They carefully taught their evil and wicked Socialist followers how to gain control over a people and a nation ...

Here are a few of their directives ...


   - "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future"  (Hitler)

   - "Education is a weapon whose effects depend

       on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."  (Stalin)

   - "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  (Lenin)

   - "The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care,

       shall be in state institutions at state expense."  (Karl Marx)


School Bans the BIBLE

During "Free Reading" Time ...



Professor Bans Students

From Thanking God In Graduation Statements ...

--Drudge/Campus Reform     


High School Allows Posters Promoting Homosexuality ...

Refuses Similar Posters and Events For "Pro-Lifers"



University of Oregon Pays Homosexual Sex Columnist $24,000

For Talk On Kinkier Sex For Students ...

--Drudge/College Fix     


Democrat Al Gore Tells Kids Conference "Don't Listen To Your Parents"...



United Nations Threat ... No More Parental Rights

Would Ban Spankings If Children Object

--WND    (Read George Orwell's "Animal Farm"... this classic book warned of the dangers and tactics of socialist-communists that most students were once required to read in school ... in his story the "Pigs" (socialists-communists) took the young "puppies" from their parents and turned them into their attack dogs.  Our Democrat Party is marching in lock-step with this global push towards atheistic socialism-communism ... and right into the arms of the coming Antichrist.)


According to the Parental Rights website other provisions of the United Nation's Children's treaty include:


  -  Parents no longer would be able to administer reasonable spankings to their children.

  -  A murderer aged 17 years, 11 months and 29 days at the time of his crime no longer could be sentenced to life in prison.

  -  Children would have the ability to choose their own religion while parents would only have the authority to give their children advice about religion.

  -  The best interest of the child principle would give the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent's decision.

  -  A child's "right to be heard" would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.

  -  According to existing interpretation, it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defense than it does on children's welfare.

  -  Children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure.

  -  Teaching children about Christianity in schools has been held to be "out of compliance" with the CRC.


Principal In Virginia Threatens To Fire Teachers

Who Help Christian Club ...



Schools In Scotland Open X-Rated Internet To Kids ...

UK Adopted UN's Convention On The Rights Of The Child



Sex Toys and Games Displayed

At U.N.'s World Youth Conference ...



Sex Lecture on Masturbation Techniques

Planned At Public University ...

Paid For By Student Activity Fees




Belong To The Whole Community (Government) ...

--The Blaze    


White House Uses Third-Graders To Introduce Obama

At Homosexual-Lesbian-Transgender Event ...



School Superintendent Issues "Apology"

After Parents and Grandparents Complain

School Showed Their Children Pro-Homosexual "Gay Marriage" Video

On Homosexual "Day of Silence" ...



BBC Told To Put More Homosexual-Lesbian Presenters On KIDS TV ...

--WND/Daily Mail    


Sesame Street's "Bert and Ernie"

Shown Intimately "Cuddling"

Over Supreme Court Homosexual Marriage Ruling ...



College In US Assigns Incoming Freshmen "Lesbian-Sex-Book"

Before School Even Starts ...



Democrats In California BAN Therapy For Minors To Reverse Homosexuality ...

Say Parents Have NO Rights



New Jersey Governor Christie (Republican)

Signs Law Banning Therapists From Helping Homosexual Teens

Turn Away From Homosexuality ...



California Law Now  REQUIRED "Positive Portrayal"

Of Homosexuals-Lesbians As Role Models To School Children ...

--WND       (School children will soon be punished by state-run schools for believing and obeying what God says in the Bible and for obeying what their parents teach them at home.) 


At National Teachers Union (NEA) Convention Teachers

Dance To Lewd Song Lyrics

And Honor California Gov. Jerry Brown

(For Requiring to Teach Homosexuality in the Classrooms)

--WND    NEA delegates honored California Gov. Jerry Brown (Democrat) as "America's Greatest Education Governor."  Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring Homosexuality be taught as "good" to ALL students from K-12 in California schools.  The law also makes it illegal to present any opposing views.


Iowa Democrat Party Governor Candidates

Shown Praying FOR Abortion ...

--Breitbart     They also believe children in the womb belong to them ...


Campaign Fights To Stop ACLU's Demand To Provide Kids

Access To Pornography At School ...



Parents Outraged

To Find School Holding Surprise

Homosexual "Gay Day" For Kindergarteners ...



1st Graders (6 Years-Old) Taught "Equality"

Of Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriages ...



California Attorney General Says Schools CAN'T Tell Parents

When Their Kids Go For Abortions ...



NY Officials Want Schools to Teach Students

How to Properly Abandon Unwanted Babies...



Planned Parenthood Training Teens

To Teach Teens About "Five Circles Of Sexuality"...

No Parents Necessary



Northwestern University Cancels Class That Featured Live Sex Demo ...

Teacher "Reassigned" (Not Fired)

--Drudge/NBC   (The Bible uses "corrupt" like smelly, rotting meat) 


Court Says Parents Cannot Monitor Their Kids Calls ... 


School District Takes "Hard Line"

Refusing to Notify Kindergarten Parents

When Teaching Homosexuality


Forced Homosexual "Diversity" Class For Middle School Students ...

Any Who Disagree Must "Keep Quiet"


School Forces 14-Year-Olds To Sign "Confidentiality" Paper

After Ordering Homosexual Indoctrination ...



X-Rated "Children's" Books Outrage Parents ...

Required Reading Includes Bestiality and Sex Drawings



Illinois Parents Upset by Homosexual Penguin Book in Schools ...

--Fox News    


Philadelphia Schools Promote Homosexual Agenda ...

Have "Gay and Lesbian Month"...

Threaten Parents



Elementary School Children in California

March in Homosexual Parade Under School Banner ...



Iowa School Holds "Gender Bender" Cross-Dressing Day ...

Many Parents Pull Students From District



Parents Reacting To California's Homosexual Indoctrination Program ...

Pulling Kids Out of Schools



School Principal Threatens Parents With "Hate Crimes"

If They Protest Homosexual Indoctrination Day ...



"Perfect Storm" Hits Parents

Who Want To Protect Their Children From California Public Schools ...

--WND   (Homeschooled students tend to score higher academically than public school students and are better adjusted ...)


Community Upset After High School Says

Homosexual Theme Of Year Book Doesn't Violate Policy ...



Famous Homosexual Activist

Now Pushing To Make Bestiality Legal ...



Democrats Push Bestiality in Massachusetts ...        (The Democrat Party is sick ... don't be bought with their seductive "free" health care promises.)


Proposed "Noble Sounding" Laws

Would Give The Government Unprecedented Control

Over Our Children ...



Missouri School Warns 50 Students

May Have Been Exposed to AIDS ...

--Fox News      


Archie Comics Plans Series

For New Homosexual Character ...



Disney World Pulls Funding For Boy-Scouts

Because of Their Ban On Homosexual Troop Leaders ...



Disney Animator Says

Homosexual Disney Characters Only A Matter Of Time ...

"Just Need The Right Story"

--WND    Beware of Disney ... Disney has been mixing small doses of spiritual poison in with their messages to our children ...


Stalin is the father of modern (and American) "Socialism" ...

He (and Lenin and Marx) carefully taught Marxist-Communist-Socialists how to gain control over a nation ...

Stalin "directed" his followers with the following  ...


   - "If I could control Hollywood, I would need NOTHING else to convert the entire World to Communism."


   - "Give me four years to teach the CHILDREN, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."  (Lenin)


   - "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."


   - "The Education of ALL CHILDREN, from the moment that they can get along without a mother's care, shall be in State Institutions at State expense."  (Karl Marx)


   - "America is like a HEALTHY body

       and its RESISTANCE (to Communism-Socialism) is threefold:

       Its Patriotism,

       its Morality,

       and its Spiritual life.

       If we (Socialist-Marxist-Communists) can undermine these three areas,

       America will collapse from within."   (The Socialists have been steadily undermining these areas for over 40 years ...)


JESUS CHRIST (Yeshua Ha'Mashiach in Hebrew) warns ...


   "Then Jesus (Yeshua) called a little child to him ...

     Whoever causes one of these little ones who believes in Me to sin,      (There are many Christian children in our public schools ...)

     it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck

     and he were drowned in the depths of the sea.

     Woe to the world because of offenses, for offenses must come,

     but, woe to that man (or woman) by whom the offense comes!"

     (Matthew 18:2,3-7)      ("Woe" is a terrible, terrible, terrible curse ... in this life ... or the next.)


GOD clearly warns all those who simply tolerate or "APPROVE of " these things (with their great "broad-mindedness") will be held just as guilty as those who actually do them ...


   "For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven

     against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men . . .

     For even their women exchanged the natural use

     for what is against nature (lesbianism).

     Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman,

     burning in their lust for one another,

     men with men committing what is shameful (homosexuality) . . .

     that those who practice these things are worthy of death (Hell),

     and not only those who do the same

     but ALSO all those who APPROVE of those who practice them!"

     (Romans 1:18, 26, 27, 32)  

     (Note:  Other offenses were also included which were not listed here.)


GOD is not unaware of these things ...


   "WOE to those who call evil good, and good evil;

     Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness ..."

     (Isaiah 5:20)     ("Woe" is a terrible, terrible, terrible curse ...)


WHEN the "woes" will be enforced ...


 "And as it is APPOINTED for men to die once,      ("Mankind"... both men and women)

    but, AFTER this the Judgment"    (No reincarnation ... no 'Purgatory' ...  no "It's all over"... the Bible warns this life is the beginning)

    (Hebrews 9:27)







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